Spring 2015: STAT 135 Concepts in Statistics

Lab 2: Confidence intervals, MLE and the delta method (pdf)

Lab 3: Asymptotic MLE and the method of moments (pdf)

Lab 4: Recap, efficiency, sufficiency, bias-variance trade-off (Rao-Blackwell), Bayesian inference (pdf)

Lab 5: Bootstrapping and hypothesis testing (pdf)

Lab 6: Duality of hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, GLRT, Pearson Chi-squared tests and Q-Q plots (pdf)

Lab 7: Distributions derived from the normal distribution, and comparing independent samples (pdf)

Lab 8: Hypothesis testing review, Mann-Whitney test by normal approximation, and Wilcoxon signed rank test (pdf)

Lab 9: Multiple testing, one-way ANOVA and Kruskal-Wallis (pdf)

Lab 10: Two-way ANOVA, randomized block design and Friedman’s test (pdf)

Lab 11: Tests for categorical data (Fisher’s exact test, Chi-squared tests for homogeneity and independence) and linear regression (pdf)

Lab 12: Multiple linear regression (matrix form), residual analysis and inference for OLS (pdf)

Lab 13: Linear regression, multivariate random variables, prediction, logistic regression and the delta-method (pdf)

Review: Hypothesis testing flow chart (pdf)