superheat 0.1.0

First version of superheat now available on CRAN.

Rebecca Barter

1 minute read

superheat 0.1.0 is now available on CRAN. Superheat makes it easy to create extendable, cutomizable, and most importantly, beautiful heatmaps. It has increased flexibility and user-friendliness when compared to alternatives such as heatmap() and pheatmap().

For usage options see the vignette and for examples see the accompanying paper by Barter and Yu (2017).

You can install the latest version with:


Stay tuned for new versions with added features and minor usability tweaks.

Example usage

Usage is straightforward and intuitive:

selected.rows <- sample(1:nrow(mtcars), 10)
# add a space after the column names for aesthetic purposes
colnames(mtcars) <- paste0(colnames(mtcars), " ")

# plot the superheatmap
          # scale columns
          scale = T, 
          # label aesthetics
          left.label.size = 0.5,
          bottom.label.size = 0.15,
          bottom.label.text.angle = 90,
          bottom.label.text.alignment = "right",
          bottom.label.col = "white",
          # dendrogram
          row.dendrogram = T,
          # top plot
          yt = sapply(mtcars, function(x) cor(x, mtcars$hp)),
          yt.plot.type = "bar",
 = "correlation\nwith\nhorsepower",
          # column order
          order.cols = order(sapply(mtcars, function(x) cor(x, mtcars$hp))),
          # grid lines
          grid.vline.col = "white",
          grid.hline.col = "white")

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