Current Schedule

We meet every second Tuesday in BIDS at 12pm.

Date Topic Presenter Blogger
Sep 18 Variable transformations in regression Rebecca Barter Rebecca
Oct 2 Optimization Francois Lanusse
Oct 16 ANOVA Henry Pinkard
Oct 30 Statistics on a sphere (Fisher statistics and the von Mises-Fisher distribution) Nick Swanson-Hysell
Nov 13 Sparsity constraints Ben Erichson [Ben]
Nov 27 Kolmogorov-smirnov test Matti Picus
Dec 11 Multiple corrections Nelle Varoquaux

Past Schedules

Date Topic Presenter Blogger
Feb. 9 ANOVA Rebecca Rebecca
Feb. 23 Fixed/mixed effects models Chelsea Sara
March 9 Mediation analysis Nelle ?
March 23 Clustered standard errors Garret ?
April 6 Imputation Orianna ?
April 20 Survival analysis Jake Jon
May 4 GEE Johnny Kellie
May 18 Design of experiments Steve ?